What if we took the most complicated piece of digital business (SEO) and made it simple?

Finally, You Can Get Free Traffic Without Needing A Degree In “Cheating Google”. Even Better, You’ll Never Get Penalized And Your Results Will Only IMPROVE Over Time!

I was at my absolute best, I’d made my business into a game of picking fights with Google. I had always won. My strategies worked and faster than most others, my clients were thriving, and my $2,000 training program had 30 happy  customers. Life was good, business was booming, and Google™ was my bitch.

Create solid content.  Make sure it's at least a little better than the rest.
Post to your blog or website.
Use keywords in Title, tags, filenames, and images.
Add links to legacy content on same website where topics are connected.
Add to sitemap
Post links to socials.
Create content that leads to that content.  Different, but related.
Post that content on microblogs, blogger, wordpress.com, and any others with link to other content.
Link to content from older content on your other blogs and websites.
Ping everything.
Bookmark it all.  From multiple accounts.
Buy links from random sellers on Fiverr.
Plus 10 - 20 additional steps. Link Wheels.  Guest posts.  Videos.  Etc...

Out of nowhere, everything changed...

Google™, the giant on whose shoulders I stood, decided to rewrite the rules. Overnight, my tried-and-true tactics turned to digital dust. The strategies that had made me a badass were now garbage. It was like waking up in a different world where nothing made sense.

I watched in disbelief as my empire crumbled. The most painful blow? A lucrative deal, worth a cool $100,000, vanished into thin air. My website, once a proud occupant of Google™'s page one for 'SEO software,' was now lost in the digital wilderness. Seriously, I couldn’t find it and I searched up to page 10…

That hit me like a haymaker to the jaw. It wasn't just money that I lost; it was my pride. It felt like I’d lost my identity. 

After all of this, I pulled myself up and helped my customers sort out bouncing back from this mess of changes. We worked together to recover from the severe penalties Google put against us and our clients.

“Ross Goldberg has been creating useful and impactful courses since 2007 (20 SEO Tools was one of his first offerings). SEO is in his blood. Plus, he is an OG who really cares about the success of people investing in his teachings. I highly recommend anything Ross releases. Nuff said.” 

Ralph Napolitano, Entrepreneur and former Director of Special Projects for the Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins company, Business Breakthroughs International

I had no idea what to do after a blow this hard. It hurt. Bad.

Here's the thing about hitting rock bottom – the only way left is up.

This wasn't just a setback; it was a wake-up call. A call to evolve, to adapt, to change. 

I had to play the game, not just by the rules, but with a strategy so simple that it couldn’t be stopped.

I went back to the drawing board. I decided that I was going to ignore the search engines and focus on helping people.

I transformed my approach from the ground up. 

No more link-building. No more trying to anticipate every algorithm update. I ignored them entirely and focused on providing value and helping.

Deliver value in all things.

What shocked me was that I was still getting more than half of my traffic from Google.

Without trying.

I’d dumped 80% of the steps I used to do and still got a lot of organic traffic. 

I spent a moment or two using some simple tactics that made sure people would be able to understand the value behind my content, but I wasn’t trying to get back into Google™’s good graces.

I realized how valuable something like this could be to someone like you: An easy strategy that works without an “advanced degree in Google™”.

This is not a comeback story. It's a much simpler path to the organic traffic we all need. And you, my friend, are invited to take advantage of it.

Imagine not having to think about what to do for SEO and still get traffic from Google™. You'll be helping real people find exactly what they need – your product or service. 

And the best part? 

It's easy. No more slogging through SEO quicksand. 

It’s so much faster. No need to spend dozens of hours on link building.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: It will not be made irrelevant once AI takes over Google!

 This is specially designed to work no matter what changes come our way.

Accidental SEO is not for you if you're looking to become the top SEO expert.  This is for those of us that want an easy process to attract the right people while not having to sneak in through loopholes or chase algorithms.

Here is what you’ll discover in the course:

The simple steps to set up any blog post to make it far more search engine friendly. It will never take you more than 10 minutes.
A special code you can use that will get more attention for any page you build.
Unique ways to make your videos, images, and even PDF files more attractive. Most people have no idea that this is possible, but I’ll show you exactly how to set it up.
Earning attention is the beginning, but if you get it and don’t provide THIS, you’re never going to get the traffic you want.
It’s smart to follow those that came before us, but being boring can cost us customers. Try these things instead.
If you can get your customers to do this one thing, they’re way more likely to buy from you again.
Maximizing numbers comes with hidden costs. Here’s what they are and why we will avoid them.
Want the exact content formulas people AND search engines love? That’s inside…
The magic content formula that keeps people’s eyes glued to yours.
How to measure effectiveness without sales. You won’t find your way if you don’t know what indicates a win.
All of the easy, smart ways to get your content ideas created. I guarantee you don’t know most of these and they work faster than anything you’ve tried.
This video trick will produce a much better video without having to use a teleprompter.
The simple, fast distribution formula that pushes your content out and takes less than 5 minutes.
Doing this one thing will gain you more than any link building tricks to drive attention to your company and your content.

"I’ve been in the internet game for a long time and it is rare to find someone like Ross Goldberg in this industry. Everyone is always chasing the latest trick or tactic to “fool the algorithm” into giving you the ranking or reach that you’re looking for. All that does is create a perpetual loop of chasing the next trick.

In Accidental SEO, Ross helps you get off that roller coaster and put a system and process in place to build your traffic and attract your perfect audience. 

This isn’t a work around that you’re going to have to change up every few weeks to stay ahead of the algorithm changes.

This isn’t another “me too” regurgitating of a worn out and overused tactic. If you follow Ross’ system you WILL boost your rankings and reach more of your target customers.

Accidental SEO is a must follow system for anyone who wants to rank higher and really connect with their audience."

- Mark Shilensky,

The Marketing Bum

"Ross’ Accidental SEO was perfect for me. I’m not techie and I’m no SEO pro. 

What I learned is practical, intuitive, and based on delivering value not gimmicks or trickery. 

Like everything I’ve learned from Ross, it’s real-world, easy to understand, and based on sound strategy and tactics that have always worked and likely always will because you’re giving the search engines what they want: a good user experience. 

Gets my highest recommendation."

Craig Perrine

This Is Accidental SEO:

Accidental SEO

Each of the 4 parts covers the pieces while focusing on simplicity and clarity.

A “cheat sheet” is included for each to guarantee that implementing everything is easy. The goal is to make the entire process “confusion free” for you.

Each module includes the entire transcription to make applying it easier.

Here's the deal: This isn't just another course. It's a complete transformation of how you'd approach SEO. And for a limited time, it's not $997. It's just $97. 

No gimmicks. No hidden fees or immediate upsells.

After recording the entire course, I realized there was a missing piece. I felt like it had to be added, so I immediately sat down and recorded it. This unannounced bonus has been added for you.

But wait, there's more. I'm throwing in a call credit – personal, one-on-one time with me. This alone is worth hundreds, but I'm including it because I'm committed to your success. This is worth $500 an hour (I usually charge $250 - $300).

There will be some surprises delivered by email over the few weeks after you sign up.

And my ironclad promise: If these strategies don't work for you, I'll personally help you until they do. As long as you're reasonable (no, you won't rank #1 for "sex" overnight), I'm in your corner.

When you click the button below, you’ll get a single document that includes “cheat sheets” for each of the 3 primary modules, 4 module videos with transcriptions, and some special worksheets that will help you plan your content strategy, the easy way.

Click below to place your order now and invest in an easy way to get the free traffic you deserve.

I can't wait to hear about how much more free traffic you're getting!

Ross Goldberg and Harris Fellman

P.S.  This is a unique opportunity to simplify one of the most complicate parts of doing business online.  If you want to never worry about the hard stuff again, this is perfect for you.  Order by clicking the button above.

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