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If you’re having copy problems, I feel bad for you son.  I’ve got 99 problems, but this pitch ain’t one…

Brand New Strategy Gives You The Almost Magical Ability To Produce Better Sales Copy, Sell More Of  Your Products And Services, And Avoid 95% Of The Work “Real” CopyWriters Perform To Do It.

How much more would you make if you doubled your conversion rate in as little as 1 day?

I never meant to be a copywriter.  In fact, I'm not.  I'm just a Marketer who had no choice but to produce a letter to sell one of the biggest IM launches in history.  

In 2009, I wrote a sales letter for the largest internet marketing training company (at the time).  That letter forced me to dream up the words needed to sell a $197 per month program.  It sold thousands of memberships.

It was the beginning of my realization that I didn't have to hand write hundreds of sales letters or apprentice under one of the copy greats to be able to get things done.

It's how I created the formula to ethically cheat and produce really strong copy so fast that it's shocking.

 You Can Use Them To Write Incredible Copy In Minimum Time, Too!

Most copywriting courses try to mold you into a full-time copywriter. That's unnecessary and unrealistic for most of us.

I want to empower the entrepreneur in you.

Keep running your business.

Keep creating amazing content.

Keep managing your team and fulfilling your other responsibilities.

This training won't take away from what makes you, you.

Yet, every business leader must understand how to identify good copy. You need the ability to either write words that skyrocket sales or be able to tell when a sales letter should produce results.

Without that understanding, you can’t maximize the profit potential from your copy.

Even If AI Wrote Your Letter, You Have To Be Able To Tell If It’s Good or Garbage.

Becoming a “real” copywriter takes most people years of hands-on practice and relentless study of sales techniques. We just don’t have that kind of time.

My breakthrough approach condenses this intensive process into a simple, quick step-by-step blueprint:

Mind Games
Smart Swipe
Prompt Magic
OCF VIP Upsell

I've worked with A LOT of coaches over the years for my business, many have been good or great. Some have been a disaster. LOL Ross has been AMAZING. He is reliable, knowledgeable, available to me when I need him (I don't wait 3 days for an answer to a question I forgot about but really needed to know - he's there ready and able to help), and treats me with respect. The bottom line is, I'm decent at a lot of the marketing stuff, but he's talented and far more skilled than I am. It just makes sense. My zone of competence is his zone of genius.

And yes, within 48 hours of hiring him, l'd made back my entire investment.

That was only the beginning.

I adore you, Ross, and am so grateful for your help. Thank you for being awesome, all the time, without fail. ❤️"

Felicia Slattery

“Ross Goldberg has been creating useful and impactful courses since 2007 (20 SEO Tools was one of his first offerings). SEO is in his blood. Plus, he is an OG who really cares about the success of people investing in his teachings. I highly recommend anything Ross releases. Nuff said.” 

Ralph Napolitano, Entrepreneur and former Director of Special Projects for the Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins company, Business Breakthroughs International

The Price of Inaction: Weak Sales Pages And Offers That Don’t Convert…

Not investing in these shortcut frameworks leaves you with the same offers that aren’t converting the way you want.

Imagine the sinking feeling a year from now:

You stare at yet another lackluster sales letter that bleeds money. The false starts and wasted campaigns continue piling up, throwing money at sending traffic to sales pages that convert badly.

Frustration mounts as you watch conversions lag month after month. 

Meanwhile, the ultimate shortcuts elude you because you didn’t act. The frameworks that produce better copy aren’t available to you. Leads continue trickling in rather than flooding your sales systems.

Another year passes without the breakthrough your business needs.

This doesn’t have to be you!

Act now, get this incredible training and begin implementing these new strategies to sell more of your products and services.

MY GUARANTEE TO YOU: Once you have this formula as something you can apply to your business, you’ll be able to increase your conversions 2x, 3x, 4x, or more.  

If that’s not the case, come back and I’ll work with you to figure out why.  There’s always a reason and I’ve been at this since 2006, I’ve seen it and usually know exactly how to solve it.  

I’m so sure that this works that I’m comfortable promising that I’ll be by your side until you are using it effectively, too.  

Whether that means me personally helping you rewrite things or reviewing the offer multiple times, I’ll be there to see you get the ROI you deserve.

Plus, you'll be getting some valuable bonuses for signing up!

Bonus 1:  The writing of this very letter!  Every customer will get a copy of me writing this letter and my explanation for every piece as I write it.  This is the perfect example of the Overnight Copy Formula because the entire video is only 17 minutes and 51 seconds long! (Whole process took just under 53 minutes - time of video was after deleting quiet spots - $99 Value)

Bonus 2:  The Social Selling System - I'm going to walk you through the selling of my 2 most recent programs:  This one and my Accidental SEO training.  Accidental SEO converted in the 10% range and went WAY better than I expected.  It made me a nice low 5 figures, too.  $99 Value.

Bonus 3:  Conquering Sales MicroCourse - This simple course consists of a few videos that help you with some of the more frustrating issues when working on sales.  All short and straight to the point. How to defeat writer’s block and What to do when you do everything right and stuff still doesn’t work.  Plus more!  $99 Value

Bonus 4:  My personal swipe file!  This includes dozens of my favorite letters, tons of amazing shortcuts with hundreds of headlines, bullets, copy formulas and so much more.  Includes ALL of my best sales letters and a bunch of others.  While I could never sell this (it includes my favorite letters written by a bunch of amazing copywriters), I can GIVE it to you.  PRICELESS!

Overnight Copy Formula is not for you if you're looking to become a top level copywriter.  While I'm sure my way of doing things would be helpful, you should really sign up for one of the top copywriter's courses.

This groundbreaking training arms you with the coveted ability to produce high-converting sales copy at a fraction of the time and effort most true copywriters invest.

Just follow the battle-tested fill-in-the-blank frameworks revealed inside to transform even mediocre letters into customer-magnet sales machines. No more wasting your time struggling to move the needle on conversions.

An easy "Swipe This To Sell Big" cheat sheet guarantees a paint-by-numbers implementation. The confusion-proof process is spelled out step-by-step so you force sales campaigns to convert using my proven copywriting shortcuts.

You get the recording transcripts to maximize retention of each lesson.

This isn't another overpriced course regurgitating the same dated tactics. This is a completely new way to produce amazing sales copy without all of the exhaustive work and time the greats would need.

For a very limited time, you can gain access to this for just $99. Not the $1,000+ price tag this game-changing training warrants.

This is a win-win-win situation for you.  Instead of investing hundreds of hours in hand-writing classic sales letters or apprenticing for a copy guru, you get the shortcuts to give you almost magical abilities to produce copy that sells more.

You’ll do it in far less time.

With shortcuts like these, you may even begin enjoying the process of fixing your mediocre sales copy and improving your offers.

After all: You’ve got awesome products.  If you’re not selling them aggressively and effectively, you’re costing you prospects the awesomeness you provide.

How sad would it be if they went to your competition and signed up for their crappier version?

No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No instant upsells. Just the keys to stronger sales copy for pennies on the dollar while this outrageous offer lasts.

In your corner,

Ross Goldberg

Overnight Copy Formula

P.S. You could learn copywriting on your own, by trial and error, but it will be a MUCH more costly "education". When I figured out the "secret" system, I knew that I had to share it with people like you.I don't want you to go through any of that misery of learning copy skills the hard, old-fashioned way.  Sign up now by clicking the button above.

P.P.S.  If you've got questions, I welcome them.  Find me here on Facebook and message me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

*****Do I need to be a great writer?                      

You don't. In fact, if you are a great writer, you should become someone’s copy cub and learn from an expert copywriter.

Overnight Copy Formula combines research, swipes, templates, and more into a frame that’s easy to fill and gives you a solid sales letter.  Once you run it through the AI and other filters, your copy should be fabulous and ready for public viewing (and greatly increased sales). 

While I personally love to read, you don’t have to. I’ve found I write a lot of run-on sentences and have to force myself to go back to the formula if I want to spend less time on editing.  The copy I swipe or pull from the templates is usually better than what I put out on my own.

It really is simple and easy.  That’s why I’m able to deliver it in one day.

****Do I need my own offer?

While it’s best if you have one, not necessarily.

This could be used as an affiliate or a partner. It could pretty easily be used for minor contract or freelancer work.

That said, I’d recommend using it for your own projects before you consider selling it as a service.

While I believe your copy should be wonderful after using what I show you, I’d want you to be totally sure you can pull it off before you go selling a sales letter for a few thousand dollars.

Like any “formula”, you’re going to need to use it to see which things you’ll want to change or adapt to cater the benefits of who you are and what you’re good at. That’s why I’ve added in the call-in days. I’ll help you figure out how to make these frameworks and formulas into things that are optimized for you and how you like to work.

****Will this work for my niche/industry/market/clients?

I can say with almost 100% certainty, YES.

As long as there are PEOPLE with problems in your audience, what you will be doing will work because we simply tap into what makes people buy, which really never changes.

Overnight Copy Formula

Transcript of the video:

          In this video, I'm going to tell you how getting suckered into writing a sales letter that had to sell millions of dollars of a product forced me to create some really unique ways to write, copy that sells stuff because, I'm a traffic guy. In fact, at the time I was an SEO guy. I Became a traffic guy and then became something else entirely. 

But that's a story for another time. So, I had to figure out really quickly how to put together a sales letter that resembled one of the best ever written because this product was for the world's largest internet marketing training company. Big launch was coming up and there had been an Exodus of staff from the company and that happened to include the copywriter. 

Being that I was still there, I ended up stuck with this project. Thankfully, I had three of the best copywriters on earth in my corner, and they helped a ton. But I still had to write that letter. I still had to put it together. I still had to build it and it still had to make sense. Because when it got put in front of people, it was going to have to [00:01:00] convert. Yes, I had wonderful help, but. Those formulas that I built back in 2009, carried me to a couple of months ago when I wrote a sales letter that went against one that cost $10,000 from a different top copywriter. Mine performed twice as well. 

My conversion rate was double what his was. And that's because I have created foolproof systems for non copywriters. And if you're one of those, I can help you produce more words that sell in as little as a day. Because we don't have to do all the stuff that copywriters do to become great. Most of them invest years. Learning. Reading. Handwriting classic sales letters (who has time for that?). Apprenticing under some of the bigger copywriters out there. I don't have time for that either because I have a business to run. 

And I'm assuming you do too. So the systems I've built. [00:02:00] Work way faster. Don't require crazy amounts of research and hours of trying to get into the mind of the prospect. My shortcuts are unlike anything that has ever been taught because most copywriting training is trying to make you into a copywriter. This doesn't do that. 

So take a look below. All the details are there. I promise you that this will be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself. Because my formulas are new, unique, and they work. Put a little faith in yourself. Throw a little behind me, sign up now and I will get you where you need to go to be able to produce words that sell more of your products and services. 

Overnight Copy Formula

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via FB Messenger here.