Why would I name my company “Immortal Marketing”?

Should I begin this storytime with gangster stories?

Maybe you’d enjoy hearing how odd it was being an older brother to triplets?

Would you be interested in hearing how I got a green beret (as a gift) because my drill sergeant couldn’t give me an award?

I’ll save those stories for another time, but you should know how I fell into helping others understand how to market their products online:

I turned to my wife one day and said to her “Honey, we can’t live like this anymore.  I’m going to look around on the internet to see if I can find something I can sell to make us some extra money”.

I started my business by opening an eBay Store and went into a coma 2 weeks later due to vaccine poisoning. I came home temporarily paralyzed but had a $1000 profit sitting in my Paypal account. That was the end of me working for anyone but myself. 

Over the last 15 years, I’ve become a best-selling author, run a multi-million dollar software company, released dozens of training programs, managed over $100k per month in Facebook and Google ads, and helped thousands of internet entrepreneurs get more leads from the web.

My experience has been weird, but not the bad kind. The amazing kind!  Very few people can rock at both content marketing and advertising. It’s usually one or the other. 

I’ve always insisted upon doing the things that I teach to ensure I only taught people things that still work right now.

The name “Immortal Marketing” started because I had a nasty habit of coming close to death and bouncing back. 

I’d had 2 major brushes with death before starting my business. It seems that every few years I get crazy sick with some weird combo of illnesses, but the early incidents were the ones I’ll tell you about here. 

I nearly died in 2003, it was very different from the coma in 2006. 

I was leaving a bar with a few friends and we got attacked by a group of 20 people. A car pulled up and a guy walked out with a gun. He began walking toward my best friend. I was full of liquid bravery and decided to step in the way. I asked him “We live in Wisconsin, what are you going to do with that?”, his response was to pull the trigger.

Luck was with me at that moment because the gun was full of BBs, not bullets. I responded by punching this genius. He responded by hitting me with the butt of the gun. 

The problem here is that the butt of a BB gun has a 1/2 inch metal nub on it. That nub knocked a portion of my skull up against my brain. I fell over and blacked out for a few seconds. 

I don’t remember anything that happened next but my buddies said that I ran through 5 of the 20 guys that attacked us like the Tasmanian Devil. 

I walked away from the fight with my entire left side of my body covered in blood.  Some mine, some not.  

The hit from the pistol missed my temple by an inch. If it had hit my temple, it would have killed me. 

$30,000 worth of neurosurgery later and the hole in my head was repaired!!

This was during the end of my thug days. A few years later my daughter was born and I stopped my criminal behavior.

During my coma in 2005, I hallucinated.  The entire time I was fighting.  In alleys.  In a boxing ring.  In fields.  I know I was lost somewhere in my mind, but I spent the 10 days while comatose fighting for my life while the work I’d done online made money for me and my family.

It was magical to come home in a wheelchair and discover that I’d made enough to pay most of our bills for that month.  While in a coma…

While I re-learned how to walk, I became obsessed with figuring out how to control the flow of money into our bank account.  I decided the best way to do that was to control the flow of traffic.

This discovery was enough to get me to spend the next few years staring into a computer monitor.  I forced myself to see beyond websites and discover how the internet works.  I figured out how to send a lot of traffic to my products and services.

I’ve since shared many of my secrets with thousands of aspiring Marketers.  I love being able to help people transform their lives into something better.

I chose to name my company “Immortal Marketing” because it’s not good enough to be found, you need to be mesmerizing.  It’s not good enough to just exist, you have to stand out.  When you’re ready to make people feel silly if they don’t buy from you, my help is what you’ll want to get there faster and with way less stress.