Step 1:  Create Content They Want.

First, we need to find questions that will guide our content:

  1. Do a basic search for the primary keyword term associated with the market you want to create content for.

  1. Go through the content you find on page 1 on Google.  You can dig deeper if you're not finding much that gives you the key problems facing people looking for info on your topic.

  2. Next, start checking vertical search engines.  The video search, image search, and news search.  Keep building your document out with questions they're asking and the answers to them.

  3. Your primary goal is to get to at least 10 questions, but the more you can gather the better.

This document becomes the guide for ALL of the content you’re going to produce.

Each question is the topic of a piece of content you will build..

Step 2:  Ethically Cheating Your Way To Killer Content:

Next, search Google for one of the questions.

What you find will be articles covering your question and every imaginable detail on it.  

Look for pieces you like (sentences, paragraphs, chunks of text).

Copy and paste what you like into your document.  It’s best to give the question and content pieces it’s own page or area.  At this point, just copy and paste.

Once you are completely finished sourcing content, arrange it in an order that makes sense.

MOST IMPORTANT PART:  Now, rewrite every word.  Add in your unique voice and any value the others missed.  Adjust the structure (sentences and paragraphs) to make it unique.

Now, you’ve taken “authoritative” content on your question and made it into something unique, awesome, and YOURS.  

Step 3:  Crafting Headlines That Suck People In:

The key to a headline that gets clicks is to convey enough about the topic to engage those that would be interested in it while not giving away exactly what you'll be sharing.  Curiosity gets the click!  Create intrigue and get a potential reader curious about what you've got to show them.  If you do this right, you're increasing the viral possibility of any content you put out by a few hundred percent.

You want to write a ton of headlines.

There are 2 ways to do this.  The first is to bang your head against your computer while writing as many headlines as you can come up with while trying to create the curiosity you need for your content to go viral.

The other way is much easier.

Instead of banging your head against your computer, these sites have pretty much perfected their headline game:




Swipe the headline setup and replace keyword phrases they've used with ones that apply to the content you're about to build.

More importantly, the sites above do something most of us don't.  They split test their headlines to let their visitors choose the right version for them.  The older the headline, the better the odds you’re seeing a fully tested one that performed really well.  A day or so is usually more than enough time for the sites to have found the headline that produces the most response.

Build as many headlines as you can and split test them when possible.  If you can’t test them, ask as many people as possible to choose their favorite before you post the content.

Step 4:  Take what works best and repurpose it to as many places and formats as you can.

Check the stats of each piece of content over time to see what’s performing best.  

When you find the right content for a market, use it over and over again.  Turn it into every imaginable type of content (video, audio, image, slides, PDF, etc…) to ensure you’re reaching as many prospects as possible.