The Ultimate Traffic Map

Ultimate Traffic Map

When you have this many options, what are you supposed to do?

Traffic is a lot simpler than you realize.  In fact, the only real issue is your current understanding of the internet.

Before you start worrying about which of the many choices above is one you should pursue, take a moment and consider what it looks like when people are looking for something on line.

Generally, they start with generic searches that produce crap results.

Next, they'll try things a touch more specific and still fail to find what they're looking for.

Finally, they will land on a search that produces the results that they were looking for to start with.

Depending on what you're going to be selling, your people could be intensely frustrated before they even find you.

Are you making it worse or better for them?

When you're looking for a traffic strategy that fits you, your products, and your customers make sure you first consider the process they go through to order from you.  The more pleasant you make it, the more likely they are to return and order again.

How targeted do you need to be?

Without proper targeting, you could get a million visitors that do nothing.

The key is to understand how generic your product really is.  Is it for everyone? 

For most of us, we don't want to serve everyone.  It would be a nightmare of the wrong people buying our products and a bigger nightmare of having to deal with them once they figure it out.

Instead of targeting everyone, it would be best to figure out who your products serve best.  

In my opinion, there are 3 types of targeting that would help you decide which traffic tactics would best suit your company:

Light targeting would be something that would be beneficial to any parent.

Targeted would be parents of toddlers.

Hyper targeted would be parents of kids with Autism.

Do you see the difference?  Native ads will only work with light targeting and would be an instant, guaranteed failure with a hyper targeted product.

Google is much harder to use for advertising if you have a lightly targeted product, but hyper targeting is super easy with search ads.

Knowing Your Who

How deep have you gone into your customer avatar?

If the targeting question was tough for you to answer, you haven't gone far enough.

Really put some thought into who you can help most.  

Are they married?

Did they attend college?

Do they have odd interests?

Are they happy about where they are or not?

These questions can lead you to marketing so amazing that people stumble over each other to buy your stuff.  Get clear on who you serve and you'll serve them much better.

The final piece?  You.

Your capabilities are the final deciding factor when it comes to how you drive your traffic.

Do you like to write and hate being on video?

Why would you bother wasting your time getting used to recording videos if you hate doing it?

Your prospects will feel your discomfort and run the other direction.

Do the things you're good at and enjoy. 

If you don't enjoy it, pay someone who does to do it for you.

If you can't afford to pay for help, look for people you can help and offer to exchange services (just make sure it's a fair trade or more beneficial to them).